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A digital agency with a specialized team to focus on just leveling up your business to reach its utmost limit, with a friendly approach. Designs are made simple by our team for you.

The work always done in Appy Boxy Digital Solutions is with passion and always ready to take on new challenges. Hand-picked, experienced team that’s always ready to help your business to reach the top with different leading marketing models. Reach out to us anytime with your requirements, questions, or with really insane ideas.

If you are looking to have responsive, eye-catching, creative, and interactive website solutions, then you have found your guys. Our specialties lie in producing vibrant and user-friendly websites, that not only look great in the eyes of your client but generate leads for your businesses.

We believe in providing the best-suited online marketing solutions to our clients to let them grow globally. After all, our growth lies in the business growth of our clients.

We emphasize quality & service. These are the two pillars upon which we can bet. Because everybody wants to have quality work delivered well within simulated time.

Manminder Preet Singh Gill (CEO, Appy Boxy Digital Solutions)


Website Designing

One of the main core jobs is to attract the customers and convert them into potential customers.

Website Development

Developing a website may be static or dynamic to make people aware of the services or products that are offered by the company.

Responsive Website Design

The more responsive the website, the more flexible and easy access for the customers and the more chances of lead conversion

Landing Pages

The main objective is to direct the right website visitor to the right web page. We will help you create landing pages that convert.

Lead Generation

For inducing sales, leads are created. More traffic creates more leads and more leads create more sales.



Assured Quality

Brilliance is Guaranteed over the work. Quality is always kept in front without any compromise.

Time-Bound Delivery

Time is always kept in mind. Time is a really important aspect. We value your time and ours too.

Skilled & Experienced Team

Creative minds are always eager to accept challenges. We, as a skilled and experienced team, are accepting challenges since 2016.

Brilliant Services

We deliver our services always on time. We will assist you all the way from building the website till the business lasts.

Website Analysis for Better Decision Making

We will set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Facebook Pixel for you. We will also optimize the sitemap for your website and submit it to search engines, especially Google. We want each and every page should show on search engines and drive traffic for you.



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This completely depends on your requirements. A 1000-page mega-site or 8-page brochure website. Usually, it takes 7-10 days to the completion of a basic website.

We like to work with all sorts and sizes of businesses and individuals. We bring the same skills used for a celebrity or big client to the work we do for small business clients.

Yes, with online meetings there can be virtual 1-to-1 meetups and things can be discussed.

If you need help with any kind of web support and maintenance, we are always here for you.

An age-old question! It completely depends on what you want, but you can rest be assured that the best will be delivered and it won’t break your bank. Why not ask for a quote? We won’t sulk if you say ‘No’.

If hosting is done by us, there will be web-hosting charges, other than that if we are using the stock images it will cost you accordingly. We will do our best to arrange free stock images for you, whenever it is possible.

Yes, Go ahead! Once you have done this we can take things from there. If you need help feel free to ask.

Yes, if you already have a domain, we just need to change the nameservers it will do the trick for you. It won’t cost you any extra penny. 

Unfortunately, we are not fully equipped to build an e-commerce website. However, if selling products online is the core component of your business, we recommend working with a full marketing agency, that can offer a full suite of marketing services.